The product

Customise your solution

Qadra’s wealth management platform is available as SaaS on the cloud and allows for a highly customizable implementation

Modular approach

The different modules interact with each other and are subject to continuous development and release of new features.


The UI is customised based on your branding preferences. Furthermore, each module can be further customized in its functions.

A customizable product

Our modules

Being a cloud solution means always new features and improvements.
For you and your clients.

Core Module

The essential collaboration area for clients and wealth managers

Total Wealth

The complete solution to manage great patrimonies.

Acquisition Module

Manage your pipelines, acquire and convert new clients through online and offline channels

Onboarding Module

Fully configurable, digital onboarding and signing of new clients

Investing Module

Supporting asset managers throughout the entire investment process


Additional Services

As a corollary to the implementation of our modules, we can also integrate the implementation and management of the following digital services:


All our modules can be customized or enriched in their functionality according to the needs of each customer.


Based on each customer’s specifications, we can integrate our software with the products and services of your selected partners.

Frequent Questions

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Our software solutions are designed for regulated wealth managers, and are specifically designed for the Mifid2 regulatory environment.

We only work with European-based recognised cloud services providers

Our platform is always implemented with the graphic style chosen by the customer, to offer a seamless and personalized experience. Furthermore, we can customise some features or UI changes based on your requirements.

Qadra integrates through Rest API or SFTP with all the main Core Banking software on the market.