Total Wealth

Comprehensive wealth management module for large and diversified patrimonies


Why adding this module

Designed and tailored for Family Offices, trustees, and wealth managers, Total Wealth is our most revolutionary module: created to efficiently manage complex and intricate groups of clients. This module enables the monitoring and management of vast and diversified wealth portfolios with utmost efficiency.


Management of client groups

Create and manage infinite clients groups and subgroups. Define relationships, powers and dependencies amongst groups and accounts.

Aggregated visualization and dynamic graphs

Customisable dashboards that adopt different wealth aggregation and analysis criteria.

Asset Classes Analysis

Asset class-specific analysis, based on different tools designed specifically to effectively manage each asset class.

Customized reports generation

Create customisable customer presentation, selecting the assets and accounts you want to include. Securely share the presentations with your clients through the Qadra platform.

Login for different users

Create web logins with customised permits for your clients, their attorneys and advisors. Integrate Qadra’s Digital Onboarding module to onboard new users.


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